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Bad Ice Cream 5

As the name suggests, Bad Ice Cream 5 is a very mind boggling game which becomes more interesting as you proceed to the various stages. There are approximately 40 levels in this game which will keep you occupied for the entire day. The game is about the Ice Cream collecting all types of fruits present, which are being protected by various enemies that can create different obstacles like forming ice which will then be harder to get the fruit. As you progress in the game, you will encounter even more difficult enemies who will be bent on ensuring that you don’t reach the next level. It even gets more interesting as you can play with three of your friends which means more bonding time with the people closest to you. There are various controls used in playing this game, namely the “Arrows”, “Space Bar”,numbers like “4,5,6,8” and keys in the alphabet precisely “L,I,J,F,D and K”. It evens get more

challenging as there is a timer which keeps you on your toes as you battle to get to the next level. The four players are at a liberty to use these controls in order to get the ultimate experience while at the comfort of their own homes. Gaming is sometimes presumed as a waste of time, but Bad Ice Cream 5 is more about testing your intellectual capacity rather than idling your time away. The timer keeps you engaged and attentive as you would when attempting any other activity. The feeling of satisfaction after gaining a fruit is what makes it worthwhile in this game considering the fact that you have the opportunity to get even better with each passing moment. This game can be enjoyed by people of different ages and if you are looking for the ideal gaming experience, Bad Ice Cream 5 won’t disappoint you.

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